Restoration of Colosseum in Progress!

Restorers have completed cleaning 5 arches in the Colosseum in Rome.  The building has been covered with a black coating due to pollution.  Since they have closed some of the streets near the Colosseum to traffic, the damage has been lessened. It is thought that the entire restoration process will take 5 years. The 25 million euro project is being funded by the CEO of Tod’s, Diego della Valle. Tod’s is a major fashion and luxury design company.

Italy Magazine: (July 1, 2014)

also see:

Wall Street Journal (April 25, 2014)

Before and after sections of the colosseum (images courtesy WSJ)

Scaffolding on Colosseum

Scaffolding on Colosseum

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New exhibit on Leonardo

The Republic of San Marino is hosting “Leonardo3 – The World of Leonardo,” an exhibition dedicated to the Renaissance genius, his visions and projects, that allows visitors to dive into his world through interactive experiences and the reconstructions of his machines.
(Note: I had to look this up but here is the info on San Marino: “It is an enclaved microstate surrounded by Italy, situated on the Italian Peninsula on the north-eastern side of the Appenine Mountains.” Population approx. 30,000

Saving Italy’s art

madonnaThis topic is exactly was my students were studying last spring/summer – the problem that Italy cannot afford to restore all its works of art and architecture. Architectural monument restorations are being funded by fashion houses, and now citizens have to vote which art works get saved. Hmmmmmmm

Germany donates $ to help Pompeii (!)

This is terrific! In February of 2013, Italian construction magnate Pietro Salini offered todonate €20 million to restore Pompeii. Now, Germany is helping the effort as well. Germany has announced it aims to help save Pompeii via the Pompeii Sustainable Preservation Project

Walking Dante’s Florence….

Duomo in FlorenceWhile I was in Italy in June I managed to walk throughout most of Florence (I was there for 3 weeks). I believe I saw most of the places they mention in the article although somehow I missed Santa Felicita – not sure why!  Guess I will have to plan another trip and read Dante’s Inferno this time.

Favorite street in Rome!

When my daughter and I visited Rome in 2007, we lucked out by staying in a small boutique hotel on Via Margutta (Hotel Forte – Our hotel was reasonably priced (around the corner from the Spanish Steps), and luckily it was on this quiet, lovely street.  Here is another hotel to consider staying at on the same street – although this one is funky and fun!!