Facts about Italy

Flag: The colors of the Italian flag represent three virtues: hope (green), faith (white), and charity (red)

Population: 60,813,326

Currency: Euro

President: Giorgio Napolitano

Prime Minister: Mario Monti

Fun Facts:

  • The symbol SPQR can be found on many ancient buildings in Rome. It stands for “the senate and people of Rome.”
  • Italy is slightly larger than Arizona
  • Italy borders Austria, France, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia, and Switzerland
  • Pizza was “invented” in Naples around 1860s
  • The ice cream cone was invented in Italy
  • Rome’s nickname is “The Eternal City”
  • Italy has over 3,000 museums
  • Italy’s national sport is soccer (known as football outside of the US)
  • Italy is divided into 20 regions

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