Baptistery doors to get cleaned

Baptistry doors to get cleaned

Workers removing doors for restoration

Made between 1402 and 1424, the north doors feature 28 bas-relief panels depicting scenes from the New Testament and even include a self-portrait of Ghiberti in the decorative door frame.

By the end of February 2013, the bas-relief panels of the doors will be removed through a very delicate process, and soon thereafter, likely overnight on March 18–19, the doors themselves will be removed and transported to the workshop of the Opificio.

The restoration, which is projected to cost nine million euro, is being supported in part through funds raised by the newly formed Guild of the Dome Association (

 During this time, from February 27 to March 19, the Baptistery will be closed to the public while the panels and doors are removed and the replica installed. Once restored, the original doors will be moved to the museum of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, where the Gates of Paradise are now housed.


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